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April 20, 2013 / davebirss

Why should advertising creatives have a monopoly on creativity?


Over the last few years I’ve felt that creativity has been increasingly ghettoised until it’s little more than a stylistic flourish at the end of some pretty ropey thinking. Which is one of the reasons that I decided to step out of advertising creative departments.

I’m more interested in using creative thinking to solve problems. And that means that you need to apply creative thought far earlier in the marketing process. Preferably right at the very beginning.

I was talking about this very thing to Mike Nutley, the former Editor of the NMA, a couple of months ago. He’s currently editing Adobe’s site, so he asked me if I’d write about it.

And I did.

You can see my thoughts right here.

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  1. JohnB / Apr 21 2013 12:12 am

    Not sure this goes far enough. In my experience ATL agencies particularly are not leading clients to new pastures anymore, they just respond to briefs making them more like production houses than brand or business consultancies. I think we’ll see more businesses bringing the smarts and the production in-house. They need to if they are going to tell their own true unfiltered stories and build honest relationships with people.

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