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March 26, 2013 / davebirss

Testing to see if alcohol makes you more creative


Last week, I conducted an experiment on behalf of The Drum magazine to see if alcohol does, in fact, make you more creative. Those of us old enough to remember the three-pint lunch have a sneaking suspicion that it can play a positive role. As long as it doesn’t turn into the six-pint-and-a-chaser lunch, of course.

So I’ve written a little piece in The Drum about it – which you can read on their website.

And, thanks to the film-making skills of Tom Baker, I can also share with you this lovely little teaser video:

We’re just about to put the ideas into testing to see if creatives work better with or without alcohol.

Once we know, you’ll be able to read about it in the magazine – and enjoy a full-length documentary video of the shenanigans.


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