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September 18, 2012 / davebirss

Assorted Nuts episode 6 – please be upstanding for the President, Rosie Arnold

This is the final episode of our special edition Assorted Nuts podcasts. And I thought I’d save the person responsible for our flurry of activity for last – the current President of D&AD – Rosie Arnold.

As well as her prestigious D&AD role, Rosie is the Deputy Executive Creative Director of BBH. And she’s responsible for some incredible work for the agency.

She managed to put aside half an hour for me and in that time we managed to cover:

• The fact that she’s only ever worked for one company

• Why she’s never left BBH

• Her love of art and the fact that she continues to paint and create outside of her day job

• The move towards creativity doing good

• The difference between men and women and how they judge creative work differently

• Why 90% of advertising is dross

* Advice for people trying to get into the industry

And that’s it for this series of podcasts.

There’ll be more coming for the Future of Advertising podcast very soon.

But I might need to take a break from the headphones for a few days after this for my own sanity.

Thanks for listening!

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