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September 12, 2012 / davebirss

The Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 12 – Sir John Hegarty and Tim Leighton

This episode is a School of Communication Arts special!

We’re celebrating the fact that Jack Morton Worldwide have become new sponsors of the school. Well done Jack Morton! So we’ve interviewed Tim Leighton, their head of Creative Strategy. He tells us how he got started in the industry, a bit about what Jack Morton does and why they decided to sponsor the school.

We also have a chat with another sponsor and mentor of the school, BBH’s very own Sir John Hegarty. He talks about why BBH has managed to remain so creative, whether he believes creatives should be generalists or specialists, his ideas on how to develop the structure of agencies and why the industry’s ‘gone a bit shit’.

I also announce my involvement with Assorted Nuts – a series of portraits and interviews with 50 of the UK’s creative legends. It was started by the brilliant photographer Julian Hanford. And you can see his portrait of Sir John Hegarty at the top of this post.

We’re going to be previewing the project at the D&AD’s 50th Anniversary event next Tuesday. And to celebrate that, I’m about to bring out 6 interviews over six days leading up to the event. So make sure you keep iTunes running!

If you’re not subscribed yet, go along here and sort it out!

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