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March 24, 2012 / davebirss

Would you like to hear me speak at Digital Shoreditch?

This year Digital Shoreditch, which describes itself as Europe’s SXSW, is focusing on Creative, Tech and Startup talent.

Which fits in pretty well with everything I’m about.

So Kavan Seggie, the brilliant founder of TeachMe, dropped me an email telling me I should do some talks.

So I’ve put in three suggestions. And I’ll get a speaking slot if enough people vote.

So here are my three suggestions. If you fancy hearing any of them, please click on the link to vote.

In fact – vote for all of them. It’ll only take a few seconds!

Talk – How to have a creative idea

Creativity isn’t a magical bolt of inspiration from the gods. It’s a process.

This talk is based on Dave’s book ‘A User Guide to the Creative Mind’.

It’s not just for creatives in the industry — it’s for anyone with an interest in creativity and great ideas.

Talk – Learning from the best work

Every year the awards annuals are packed with work that makes people say “Shit! I wish I’d done that!”

Dave looks back at the most remarkable and awarded work of 2011 to see what we can learn from it.

He then extracts principles that you can take away and start applying to your own work.

Workshop – From Integration to Transmedia

It seems that the marketing world’s idea of integration means shoving the same assets absolutely everywhere. The focus is on making it easy and controllable for the brand rather than engaging and valuable for the audience.

Dave looks at the concept of Transmedia and sees how we can learn from it to create a new kind of cross media approach to campaigns.

This is a workshop session where you get to try out the techniques on briefs.

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