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March 14, 2012 / davebirss

‘A User Guide to the Creative Mind’ is available now

I’m excited.

Today, quite unexpectedly (even to myself), I released my first book into the wild.

As you can see from the posts below, I wrote it to be an iBooks interactive extravaganza. It seems to have turned out to be a good ol’ traditional book. However, the interactive version is still in the pipeline. And I’m getting some pretty good feedback on the publication as it stands.

So, instead of me using this post to blow my own trumpet, I’m going to let some much more talented people blow my trumpet for me.

Have a read. Then you can click on the link at the bottom and go and buy the blighter.

Here’s what the awesome people say:

“Dave Birss has nailed the art of writing a book about creativity. Not a surprise really. He has walked the walk and always talks a good talk. This book fuses his immense wisdom and his playful story-telling nature. Buy it. Read it. Practise it. Share it.”

Marc Lewis Dean, School of Communication Arts

“Lucid and useful. Written with economy. Next time you get stuck, use it to get unstuck.”

Alan Young & Julian Vizard Creative Partners, St. Luke’s

“The business world really needs to understand creativity. And Dave has got a ton of good stuff to add to the debate.”

Steve Henry Co-founder of Decoded & Creative Director

“Dave Birss rubbishes the notion that great ideas are ‘plucked from the air’. His book looks at where ideas come from and shows how to boost our ‘creativity’. He should charge a lot of money for it.”

Lee Tan Creative Director, TBWA\London

“The genius of this book is to debunk the myth that somehow the act of creation in whatever form is not a discipline. In my experience the greatest producers of all and any creativity I’ve encountered are as disciplined in the pursuit of their craft as an athlete is in the pursuit of their chosen sport.”

Jim Thornton Executive Creative Director, ArnoldKLP

If that’s not convinced you, I don’t know what will!

Order your copy of ‘A User Guide to the Creative Mind’ 

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