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November 17, 2011 / davebirss

And we have a winner!

On Tuesday I announced that the podcast was now being sponsored by the School of Communication Arts. I may have mentioned that I’m really excited about it. If not, please understand that I am REALLY exited about it. And to celebrate the new tie-up, the students split into two teams and hit the streets with the guys from to drum up a few more listeners.

And here’s what happened.

Team 1 took Soho (accompanied by the amazing photographer Julian Hanford)

And team 2 took Shoreditch.

As you can see, they blagged their way into agencies. And this is how many each team succeeded in gaining access to:

Each team also tried a bit of tweeting. This is a record of their activity:

Both teams also tried a bit of underhand bullshitting. This is how I think they fared at that game:

And, from tracking the hits on the addresses I gave them, this is how many downloads each team succeeded in getting:

Can you tell who won?

We’ll, in this visual team 1 is ever so slightly ahead with 170 hits to 167.

But then I remembered that I had to adjust the figures. We had tested the URLs before the day to make sure they worked. And I needed to subtract the test hits to get the true figures. And that changed things ever so slightly to:

Team 1 >>> 161 hits

Team 2 >>> 162 hits

Yup! It couldn’t have been closer. There’s just one hit difference.

The most impressive thing is that their work has contributed to a whopping 804 podcast downloads in a day and a half. Which is considerably higher than the usual level.

Well done to all the students who took part. In particular I’d like to think the winning team of Sophie, Charlie, Elen, Thirza, Helen and Rasmus. Especially because they also succeeded in getting the podcast featured on It’s Nice That too.

There’s more podcast fun coming from the SCA2 students soon. They’ve also come up with a bunch of amazing ideas to promote the podcast to the industry. I’ll be telling you more about that stuff very soon.

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