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November 15, 2011 / davebirss

The Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 8

It’s taken forever.

But I can now announce our new sponsor for the podcast:

The School of Communication Arts

I hope you’re running around whooping and hollering and high-fiving complete strangers – because that’s exactly what I want to do. It’s a perfect match. This podcast is all about the Future of Advertising and the school is educating the talented individuals who *are* the future of advertising. If you want to find out more about it, there’s some blurb right here.

So here’s what we’ve got in store for you this episode:

An interview with Marc Lewis, Dean of the School of Communication Arts

I just love hanging out with Marc. He’s one of those people that inspires and energises me. So I was delighted to interview him. He talks about:

  • Why he started up the school in the first place
  • The first batch of graduates from the school
  • The learnings and mistakes from the first batch of students
  • The breadth of expertise that the mentors bring
  • Who the best mentor is (guess!)
  • How the school is funded
  • The difference between heroes and legends
  • Why you should sponsor the school
  • Why you should become a mentor
  • The unusual sponsorship deal we’ve come to

An interview with Paul Brazier, ECD of AMV BBDO

Paul looks after more creatives than anyone else in the UK. And manages to motivate them to win a startling amount of awards. His office is packed with them. I was tempted to pinch a couple of pencils or lions on my way out – he’d never have noticed.
Paul talks about:

  • His 20 year anniversary at AMV
  • His involvement in the School of Communication Arts
  • What they get out of it
  • How he got into the industry
  • How AMV has evolved over the years
  • That digital isn’t about digital
  • The stuff that still gives him a thrill
  • His time as president of D&AD
  • His tips for creatives

And then we throw it over to you to get your employer involved.

We need you to convince your company to sponsor the School of Communication Arts. It doesn’t cost much. It’s tax deductible. It’s massively rewarding. And you’re investing in the future of our industry.

And if none of you do it, this may be the last podcast for a while.

And if any of you do, you’ll get a podcast dedicated to you.

And a rosy glow inside.

It’s in your hands.

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  1. yasminselena / Nov 15 2011 9:26 am

    Very well done! May you both be very happy together and may the relationship bear beauteous fruit! x

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