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November 14, 2011 / davebirss

The Drum magazine get it right for once!

A wee story for you here.

Nearly 20 years ago I started in the ad industry in Scotland. And – because Campaign talked about nothing but London – we had our very own advertising magazine – The Drum.

That was where you’d find all of Scotland’s advertising news. As you can imagine, there wasn’t loads of it. So you’d think it might be quite easy to get written about.

I was a junior. I wasn’t very good. And The Drum wasn’t very interested in writing about me.

So you could imagine I’d be delighted if I ever got a mention.

I wasn’t.

They could never spell my name.

In one article I was disappointed to be credit as ‘David Briss’.

In another I was underwhelmed to be mentioned as ‘David Birse’.

And – most peculiarly – the one time they got the ‘Birss’ bit right, they spelled my first name ‘Davis’.

How the f%^& did that happen?!

So today I see an article that mentions me in The Drum.

And my name is in the headline.

And – for the first time ever – it’s spelled correctly.

This is a big moment for me people.

Please go and read their article about what the SCA students are doing for me tomorrow:

School of Communication Arts looks for sponsor with Dave Birss

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