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October 8, 2011 / davebirss

The Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 7

I brought out this podcast a couple of days ago – and I’m only just getting around to mentioning it on the blog. This is the last of the ‘independent’ series. As from the next episode, they’ll be sponsored by one of my favourite organisations in the whole blinkin’ world.

So here’s what have in store for you in this episode:

An interview with Spencer Osborn, one of Ogilvy’s Global MDs:

He quickly makes it clear that he’s not THE MD of Ogilvy, he’s AN MD of Ogilvy. And he had lots of clever and insightful stuff to say.

As a taster, he covers:

  • how he became a global MD of Ogilvy
  • why he doesn’t think of himself as being in the advertising business
  • why he finds just doing TV and posters a bit dull
  • the importance of creating dialogues with people rather than just telling and selling
  • why targeting has always been the most important thing
  • what he means by ‘pervasive creativity’
  • why he’s stunned at how slow some agencies have been to adopt digital
  • some potential problems with crowd-sourcing
  • the big changes between the UK and US advertising industries
  • about Ogilvy’s ‘Big IdeaL’
  • his thoughts on the big agency model of buying-in skills in comparison to the smaller agency model of outsourcing everything
  • how true it is that an idea can come from anywhere

My daughter’s regular advertising review

We look at:

It looked a bit like this:

What comes next

You’ll already be sick of me talking about the sponsorship. But it’ll all be unveiled in the next episode. I’ve got everything I need to put together the announcement episode (which is what I’ll be working on this weekend).

Then we need to get you involved. Yes, YOU. But more about that shortly.

In the meantime, send me a blinkin’ email would you? You didn’t do it last time I asked. Click here to just say hello and tell me who you’d like me to interview.

If you’ve not subscribed yet, find us on iTunes here.

Or if you’ve got commitment issues, download the episode directly here.

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