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June 14, 2011 / davebirss

A statistical analysis of compliments from the Digital Dare

The digital dare video continues to give me lots of data to play with.  It really is pathetic how much I enjoy this.

The point of the film wasn’t just to encourage people to delete contacts that are of no value to them. I also wanted to coax people to participate rather than just spectate. And as part of this, one of the dares asked people to leave a compliment in the comments section. And a lot more people did it than I thought. But maybe I just have low expectations. Or maybe I’m used to doing corporate stuff and punters don’t like to encourage The Man™.

So first of all, here are the statistics for how many people actually left comments:

This isn’t bad going. Way above the average commenting ratio anyway. The average commenting figure on the rest of the dares (that didn’t invite this kind of participation) was less than 2%.

And we have to take into account that a very high proportion of people don’t have a YouTube account and therefore couldn’t leave a comment.

The best thing about this dare is that I’ve been paid tons of compliments now. Here’s my favourite:

And someone also left a very accurate observation of the advertising industry. I wonder if they’re right:

Finally, I went through the comments and noted down what people were complimenting. And here, in pie chart form, is a breakdown of the subjects that have been mentioned most in the comments:

My next experiments are being created with data in mind too. I’m looking forward to measuring people’s card-playing skills and seeing if I can prove the existence of psychic powers.

Stay tuned.

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