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June 12, 2011 / davebirss

The Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 4

Yes. It’s our fifth podcast but I’m still calling this one episode 4. The last one was a bonus collation of leftover nuggets – so it doesn’t really count.

And I’ve tinkered with the format. The previous format was getting a bit bloated and was pretty time consuming to produce. The new format is just one interview and one special feature. And me filling in the gaps with jibber-jabber. Hopefully, it means I can start producing them faster.

So, what do we have in store for this episode?

An interview with Stanley Johnson

Stan is the brains behind the fantastic BrandDNA blog – and Creative Director of Wunderman in Melbourne. He talks about:

  • how he started in the industry
  • making the move from Australia to the UK and back again
  • the difference between the Australian and British ad industries
  • what true integration involves
  • the generation that will cause the true media revolution
  • challenging the idea of the two person creative team
  • the problems with the divisions within the industry

Top five tips from Ed Robinson

Ed is the Creative Director and one of the founders of The Viral Factory. He’s the man behind some of the most successful online films, including last year’s wonderful Diesel SFW XXX film. I took some home-made choc chip cookies and a microphone along to his office to capture his wisdom. Here’s a sneaky peek at his top 5 tips:

  1. Make something relevant
  2. Make it honest
  3. Make it with love
  4. Seed it wisely
  5. Be brave

Obviously he has a heck of a lot more to add to these points. So don’t think you’ve got the easy cheat sheet here!

And I also mercilessly plugged my digital dare interactive YouTube experiment. You can find it here, if you haven’t seen it already.

There are some more great interviews coming up very shortly. So make sure you’re subscribed on iTunes.

And if you’re not on iTunes, you can always download this podcast directly from here.

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