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May 4, 2011 / davebirss

The Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 3

OK. I’m sorry. This podcast is long overdue.

And it’s also duly overlong.

I was hoping to put it live nearly a month ago but I’ve been too busy. (That’s the curse of running a new business as well.) And I’ve struggled to edit it down, so it’s broken the 60 minute mark. Ooops.

However, there’s some great treats in store for you in this episode.

We kick off with an interview with Mike Nutley, the Editor in Chief at the NMA. He talks to us about digital, how consumers are more nimble and advanced than the marketing industry, the renewed focus on integration and lots more. You can find a better outline of his interview here.

Then my daughter passes judgement on some recent advertising work. If you want to play along, take a look at KitKat’s YouTube Channel, a Harley Davidson TV ad and a Diet Coke TV ad.

I also talk to Billy Mawhinney, who was one of the big names in advertising when I was starting out as a crappy little Copywriter in Scotland. He very kindly gave up some of his holiday time to chat to me over Skype. He talks about the changes he’s seen in the industry, enduring human truths and throws in the occasional football analogy. You can see more of what he talks about here.

And finally, Nathan McDonald from We Are Social shares his wisdom on how to approach social media. If you want a spoiler, you can find a summary here.

The next release will be a Left-Over Bonus Episode where we have all the stuff from Rory Sutherland, Mike Nutley and Billy Mawhinney that we couldn’t fit into their own podcasts.

If you’ve not subscribed already, you can now do so with iTunes. If you do so, please leave a rating (five stars would be nice).

Or you can grab this feed and put it into whatever other podcast-ma-bob that you use.

Or just download the podcast file directly.

You can’t say that I don’t give you choice.

And please, please, please drop me a line to tell me if you like it, suggest people to interview or find out how to become a sponsor. The address is podcast (at) getadditive (dot) com.

Thanks for listening.

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