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May 3, 2011 / davebirss

An interview with Mike Nutley

A few weeks ago I took a saunter along to Centaur Towers to see Mike Nutley, NMA‘s Editor in Chief. We ate biscuits, drank tea and chatted about the state of the industry while I pointed a microphone at his face. You’ll be able to hear the interview in the third episode of the podcast (out in the next couple of days). Here’s a sneaky peek at what he had to say.

  • The most interesting things in digital are the things we didn’t expect.
  • We need a change from a campaign mentality to an always-on mentality.
  • The more outspoken people online have tactics for criticising brands through social media.
  • One of our current issues is looking at resourcing agencies for an internet that doesn’t keep office hours.
  • Customers are more advanced in their adoption of interactive media than most agencies or clients.
  • Customers can be more agile because there’s only one of them and they don’t need to pass their actions through a committee.
  • The renewed focus on integration and whether it’s best to have a single integrated agency or lots of best-of-breed agencies.
  • That it used to be agencies that led clients – but it seems that many clients are on the verge of leapfrogging their agencies.
  • The burden of adopting a legacy of procedures and staff.
  • Why corporate websites lag behind so badly.
  • The uncomfortable truth that consumers just don’t care about what we do.

If you want to make sure you get the podcast as soon as it’s released, subscribe now with iTunes or whichever other service you use.

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