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March 16, 2011 / davebirss

Top tips from Glen Taylor

Glen Taylor is one of the founders of Taylor James, a creative production house that produces some truly incredible work. They specialise in photo-real 3D environments that work across print, film and digital. Their website will describe what they do a lot better than I ever could.

I went to see Glen at his home yesterday to get his big five tips for the podcast. And here’s a quick summary. You’ll have to listen to the (soon to be released) podcast to get the full run down.

  • Learn about what’s possible with photography, CG, live action and post production.
    It will help you work more efficiently be more creative.
  • Get your creative production partner involved as early on in the project as you can.
    They can help you get to what you want quicker, cheaper and better.
  • Work more closely with other agencies.
    Brands may split the work for a campaign across multiple agencies and traditionally agencies have always worked separately. But agencies can do more by working together.
  • Take a look at your production process and see if they need to change.
    Technology has changed and very few agencies have kept up with it. Most agencies could work more efficiently and produce better work if they kept up with the changes.
  • Build trust with your suppliers.
    Working more closely as a partnership will help you get better results.

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