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March 16, 2011 / davebirss

The Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 2

It’s been about a month since I launched the first episode of the podcast and I’ve been busy running around with my new microphone gathering more wisdom. And – boy! – are there some treats in store for you.

We’ve got an interview with Rory Sutherland, the outgoing president of the IPA, Spectator columnist, TED speaker and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy. Well, to be honest, this is just the first half of his interview. Rory had so much to say that we had to split his interview into two parts. The second half will be released very soon. There’s more about what Rory covers here.

There’s an interview with Kevin Duncan, the author of numerous business and marketing books. We mainly talked about his two Greatest Hits books that summarise 20 influential books apiece. You can read more about Kevin’s interviews and get links to his books here.

Glen Taylor, the founder of Taylor James, shared his big five tips on creative production. You can see his tips here. And drool over Taylor James’ work on their website.

And, of course, there’s a review of some advertising by my 11 year old daughter. This time she has a look at Anchor’s TV ad, an IKEA banner ad and the Go Compare commercial. Click on the links to have a look and make your own judgements.

Plus I launch a competition to win part of my personal CD collection. All you have to do is correctly identify the advertising jingles I play on a variety of low quality instruments.

The best thing to do is subscribe to the podcast so that the episodes will be automatically downloaded onto your gadget. If you use iTunes, copy the link below and paste it into the box that appears when you click on the ‘subscribe to podcast’ option in the ‘Advanced’ menu. If you don’t use iTunes, don’t ask me.

>>> Subscribe to the Future of Advertising Podcast <<<

Or, if you’re frightened of commitment, you can download episode 2 of the podcast by clicking on the link below.

>>> Download episode 2 <<<

And if you missed Episode 1 of the podcast, you can catchup by downloading it here.

Please spread the word to all your industry chums. And drop me a line with your feedback.


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