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March 10, 2011 / davebirss

An interview with Kevin Duncan

Kevin and I have both been involved with the IPA’s discussion groups for Behavioural Economics. He’s a fascinating guy who seems to have found a way to squeeze more hours out of a day so that he can do an incredible variety of things. He’s an author, consultant, musician, speaker, falconry enthusiast, guitar collector, wildlife conservationist and family man.

I invited him over to my flat for a cuppa because I wanted to talk to him about his Greatest Hits books. They’re a wonderful summary of 80 of the most popular marketing and business books (which is perfect for a dyslexic like me who’s afraid of large chunks of text). And he’s now summarising a whole bunch of Behavioural Economics books for the IPA – and I wanted to know his opinion on what he’s been reading.

Here’s an outline of what we covered:

  • Kevin’s unusual hobby of flying birds of prey
  • An outline of his numerous books
  • How to quickly sound knowledgeable about a book you’ve never read
  • What are the ‘hot subjects’ that people are writing about just now
  • Some Behavioural Economics chatter
  • A few of Kevin’s favourite examples of business bullshit.

If you want to find out more about Kevin and his eclectic interests, have a look at his website.

I’d also recommend you have a look at his books and iPod/iPad apps. Here’s a quick summary with links to where you can pick them up:

I’ll be including his interview alongside Rory’s in next week’s episode. If you want to be the first to know as soon as it’s released, just drop me a line. Otherwise, keep returning next week to see if I’ve put it up yet.

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