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February 10, 2011 / davebirss

The Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 1

After a few delays, I’ve decided to unleash the Future of Advertising Podcast on the world. And what a treat that is! Here’s what you’ll find in the first episode:

An interview with Dave Trott from CST

Amongst other things, Dave discusses the bullshit of branding, why he doesn’t give a damn about the advertising industry, alternatives to the classic creative team and how to present digital work. With plenty of classic Trotty anecdotes and yarns.

Top tips on Augmented Reality from Andrew Elia of

Andrew is behind some of the most impressive AR stuff around. I won’t give away his tips here – you’ll need to listen to the podcast to get them. But they’re useful for anyone who’s got an interest in doing Augmented Reality.

Advertising review

A scathing look at popular advertising from my 11 year old daughter. She may be young but she doesn’t pull any punches.

Right-click to download the show here:

Future of Advertising Podcast: Episode 1

I’ve got some more interviews lined up with Rory Sutherland, Faris Yakob, Bill Bungay and some other prominent ad people. What would you like to ask them? Leave your questions in the comments below.

Once I’ve got a couple more episodes up, I should be able to get the podcast onto iTunes. Until then, please spread the word!



You can now subscribe to the podcast. Copy this link and add it into iTunes or whatever other podcast jiggery-pokery you use. Then the podcasts will come directly to you. Simple, eh?

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