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October 30, 2010 / davebirss

Temporarily worth something

Photo by oeildetat

I spotted this last night while taking a romantic walk through Paris. It’s a load of cling film wrapped around a couple of lampposts outside a street art exhibition called Le M.U.R. When we passed by, there were a bunch of spray-paint artists busily working on it. And a crowd watching them at work. It was amazing to watch. (However, the exhibition was pretty disappointing – especially after going to the brilliant Moniker show a couple of weeks back).

Having been a street artist many years ago, I love the temporary nature of it. I loved it that my pieces would age, be covered up or removed. To me, their short life added to their value. And this stuff was even more temporary. When we walked past it again the next morning it had been removed and was lying in a giant, crumpled ball on the pavement.


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