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October 28, 2010 / davebirss

Let’s build a steam powered computer

I’ve always been a fan of Babbage’s Analytical Engine since I found out about it as a socially-awkward, geeky teenager. If you don’t know about it already, it was a design for the world’s first general purpose computer (find out more on Wikipedia). And it’s incredible that over 170 years since it was first designed, it’s never actually been built.

So I’m delighted that John Graham-Cumming is leading the charge to get enough money together to build the first working model. He originally thought that he’d need 50,000 donors to get the project happening – but recent funding developments mean that he now only needs another 6,370 donors. And you could join me in being one of them.

Go and have a look at his project here.

And go and throw ten quid/bucks/euro at it here.

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