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October 26, 2010 / davebirss

A word of advice to marketers

After a number of years towing the line at larger agencies, it’s refreshing to be able to speak my own mind without fear of repercussions. So I’ve got some more nuggets I want to share. Today’s one is for clients:

It’s better to be a lone rider than a bandwagoneer

Over the years I’ve seen clients (and quite a number of agencies) jump on every passing marketing bandwagon. At one point everyone wanted a Facebook app, then it was a viral, then a social media campaign, then an augmented reality thing, then an iPhone app. And requests would come in flurries where every client wanted the same thing at around the same time. Whether it was appropriate or not. Having discussed this with peers, we believe that most clients wait until there’s a proven case-study before they make the leap. Along with everyone else. And let me tell you – a bandwagon is a crowded vehicle that breaks no new ground. The people on it are passengers rather than drivers. And the gold they’re seeking has to be shared amongst a lot of people.

Fuck bandwagons!

It’s better to be a pioneer. You dig in more places and it takes more effort – but it results in more gold, more fame, more satisfaction.

Who’s in?


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