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October 21, 2010 / davebirss

What are you worth? Maybe 5 minutes 34 seconds of your time?

My whole shtick these days is trying to get people to think about the future of the advertising industry. And if they can’t do that, just to think about doing the present a little bit better. That’s really the purpose of my Additive company.

And it seems that I’m not alone. The DMA is running a project called What Are You Worth? that is sparking debate about the value of creativity going forward in the industry. Naturally, I’ve got a thing or two to say about that. So the lovely Nicole Yershon put the guys in touch and we did an interview a couple of weeks ago.

Now that interview is online and (after getting over the sheer horror of seeing myself on camera) I’ve decided to post it here. Even although by freak chance, YouTube managed to choose a holding frame of me throttling an invisible child :-/

Aside from my babblings, they’ve interviewed some pretty amazing people. Most of whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years. I’m not sure whether I should be happy to be in their company – or depressed that I’m now considered old enough to be included.

I recommend that you go and have a look at the What Are You Worth site. I’ll be following their project carefully and hoping that they succeed in taking it all the way to Parliament.


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  1. Stan Lee / Oct 25 2010 9:30 am

    Brilliant idea and some excellent videos.
    Loved your t-shirt too!

    • davebirss / Oct 25 2010 11:55 am

      Cheers Stan!

      I think the t-shirt was probably the most sensible statement of the whole video.

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