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March 12, 2010 / davebirss

More Creative Breakfasting

Yesterday was the fourth Creative Breakfast for the OgilvyOne creative department. And this time it was on how Social Media can be used in advertising.

Most Social Media talks cover the same old stuff – relationship building, customer service, getting lots of followers, yadda, yadda, yadda. I didn’t want to trot out the same stuff I’ve been seeing for the last couple of years. I didn’t think it would be useful for the department. Instead, I wanted to talk practically about how you can use Social Media for marketing communications. And it was a lot more work than I thought. And deprived me of more sleep than was healthy. Fortunately the next Creative Breakfast is being done by the mightily talented Melanie Oxley-Wilson on the nitty gritty of User Experience. I’m looking forward to drinking coffee, munching miniature pastries and hearing her speak.

Please be aware that everything in this presentation is merely my opinion. But I’d love some feedback. If you think this is a load of misguided crap, please say so. Likewise, if you think it’s the work of a marketing genius. All those who merely think it’s ‘alright’ can keep their mediocre opinions to themselves.

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  1. Kish / Mar 22 2010 2:08 am

    whoa. that was huge – thank you.
    Love the sharing thing – it’s not something I’ve done and I now must do. Thanks, that was pretty epic.

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