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January 9, 2010 / davebirss

Indestructible hard drive? Yup, I wish I’d had one of those.

A few years ago I bought myself a 250Gb hard drive. Back then, that was REALLY FREAKIN’ BIG. And being a Lacie drive, it looked like it was built like a tank. I filled it with music, films, porn, photos and copies of my work. There was a lot of stuff on there that was pretty special to me that I didn’t have a copy of anywhere else. I stupidly trusted it to last forever. It didn’t.

I plugged it in a few weeks ago and it didn’t work. It made all the right sounds and lit up all the right lights – but it refused to mount on any computer. My heart sank. I was actually quite amazed by the sickening feeling it gave me to know that I couldn’t access those files. They say that the worst thing about a house fire is when you lose your family photos and home movies. That’s kind of how I felt. A similar thing happened to one of my colleagues last month and he was devastated too.

I know there are services out there that recover data from broken hard drives for you. And I’m going to look into that. But I can’t think of anything reasonable that I should have done differently.

I’m just wondering if there’s a better solution than backing up your backup?

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