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June 29, 2009 / davebirss

A revolution in sound

Last night I watched a whole bunch of TED films to make a dull train journey go faster. And this film astounded me. Woody Norris demonstrates a whole new way of dealing with sound. Instead of using a speaker cone to push air molecules around in an unfocused way, he uses predictable disturbances in the air to deal with sound in a very focused way. He’s a bit mad and unfocused himself – but what he demonstrates is quite astounding. Especially for a former sound engineer like myself. Have a look:


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  1. Mauro / Jun 30 2009 1:37 pm

    Awesome tech!

    Three years ago one of the lovely geeks of What if NY, told me how big a failure their attempt to turn this tech wonders into advertising medium was.

    “We would whisper things & products in the ears of drunken and drugged clubbers. It didn’t go well at all. People was freaking out!!!”

    Love the product, but as Spidey famously said “with great power comes great responsibility”

  2. Mauro / Jun 30 2009 11:54 pm

    Forgot to mention this is the first time I’ve actually seen it… and now I want one 😦

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