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March 25, 2009 / davebirss

The mobile app you’ve been desperate for


I’ve just found Charmin’s  fantastic sitorsquat mobile app. And I think it may be one of the most useful mobile apps I’ve ever seen. Here are some lessons to learn from it:

It meets a very real need

Everybody needs to go sometime. Quite literally – shit happens. And we can all identify with that moment when you’re out and about and you just need to find a toilet and you wish you knew a place to go.

It’s relevant to the brand

Charmin is all about toilet time. They have the permission and trust to talk about this stuff.

It does one thing well

It’s not a catch-all application. It just helps you find a toilet.

It uses a community properly

It uses the people on the ground (or rather the porcelain) to grow their content. And it doesn’t require them to start networking with each other to discuss the pros and cons of gloryholes to do it. They can just upload their lavatorial suggestions and wash their hands of it.

It offers different levels of engagement

If you just want to find a toilet and you don’t care what it’s like, you can do that. If you’re fussy and you want to look at pictures and make sure there’s a condom machine, you can do that too.

It uses time and space

The application uses your location data to automatically find the closest toilets for you. And it uses the time to tell you if they’re open or not. Quite simply it uses data intelligently to do thinking on behalf of the user.

It doesn’t bombard you with marketing messages

It’s brought to you by Charmin and that’s a good enough brand message. It is also a longterm investment rather than a short-term piece of marketing activity. And I believe that kind of activity is embraced more by users.

It’s multi-platform

It’s not just available on the iPhone. It’s also available for the Blackberry as well as online. I’m hoping they’ll also port it over to other mobile devices too.

What apps have impressed you? And why? Vote for your favourites in the comments area.

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  1. lenisebrothers / Mar 25 2009 5:27 pm

    This is amazing and a perfect demonstration of great sponsorship of something useful.

    I still love the White Noise and Urban Spoon apps for my Touch and I love the New York Times app for my Blackberry.

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