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February 5, 2009 / davebirss

I aint ‘fraid of no goats

I think 118118’s advertising has been great for years. They operate in a market where you’re expecting people to remember a series of impersonal digits – and they’ve succeeded in adding a personality to their number and make it memorable. And they’ve clearly had a lot of fun doing that along the way.

However, when I found out about their new ad with Ray Parker Jr doing a version of  ‘Who ya gonna call?’ I was expecting to hate it. I think it’s lame changing song lyrics to communicate a marketing message. I thought it was a bad idea to introduce someone who could upstage the 118 guys. I was wrong.

I’ve been surprisingly charmed by the ad. Again, they’ve clearly just had fun and Mr parker Jr doesn’t get in the way. He plays second fiddle to the 118 guys perfectly. I’m not saying it’s a brilliant ad. I hate the fake epicness at the end. I think the giant dudes are totally Unnecessary. But it made me smile in places and I’m sure the public will love it regardless of its flaws.

Have a look? What do you think?

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