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January 26, 2009 / Dave Birss

Other people are saying it so much better than me

I discovered this fantastic blog post from Lost in Tech talking about the problems of integrating offline and online marketing. His premise is that we shouldn’t be thinking about integrating digital with traditional – instead we should be thinking about integrating traditional with digital. The whole post is incredibly insightful and should be mandatory reading for every board-member in every UK agency.

Here’s an excerpt that talks about something I’ve noticed too:

Traditional Agencies in particular are fearful of change; they know they need a digital offering but tend to skirt around the subject. They usually start by outsourcing – then as they realise more and more work needs to be outsourced they hire in dedicated people. Larger agencies then buy up digital companies and bring them on-site. To pay its way the digital team has its own specific clients – as those clients demand more and more, there is less time allocated to work from the traditional parts of the agency. Resource is at a premium, so the decision gets made to fully integrate the entire agency with digital capability. That’s when things go wrong, the agency bogs down, and work grinds to a halt.

Read the whole thing here.

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