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September 5, 2008 / davebirss

Ad revenues are down again (and don’t laugh up your sleeve digital dudes)

Bad news advertising peeps: advertising expenditure is down for the 9th quarter in a row. And it’s dropping at a faster rate than ever. Newspapers will now be shitting even bigger bricks and media companies will be wondering if this year was a good time to be moving into larger, swankier offices.

And all those online people who think the dinosaurs deserve it – think again. The story isn’t much better in pixel-ville. Online ad spends are down for the first time ever.

So is this just a strange blip? Or is it a result of the credit crunch? Or is it (drum roll please) a result of a changing world where traditional advertising is no longer as effective as it used to be?

You can probably guess where my mind is on this one. I may even rant about it some time when I get time.

But for now, you can read more about it on TechCrunch.


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  1. digitalextremist / Sep 5 2008 12:26 pm

    You are right, we are moving into a Universal Consciousness and no longer need global, national and limited local focuses since a Universal focus contains all those. The internet as a tradition is a great metaphor and catalyst for this change but it has only just begun. A hundred years ago was a totally different world. A thousand years ago by today’s standards was massively oppressive. Free expression has only just begun and it calls for a universally consciousness, not a continual extension of serfdom as print media maintained. //de

  2. davebirss / Sep 5 2008 12:47 pm

    Wow. Thanks for that!

    You’ve gone all Jungian on my ass there! I like the universal consciousness thing. I’ve used that to describe the internet myself a few times.

    But it’s interesting times we live in. And as the world changes it opens up more opportunities for visionary thinkers. It’s all good in my opinion. Some people will lose out and others will win – but that’s the way of evolution. it’s just that things are evolving at a faster rate now and it’s more visible.

  3. digitalextremist / Sep 5 2008 5:09 pm

    Let’s take it from a brain science perspective and there it is easy to see the end:

    Left brain: Linear / serial
    Right brain: Concurrent / parallel

    How many things can you do while reading a newspaper? Can you click on a newspaper? Can you rate up and rate down letters to the editor? Can you build a business in the article like a hotdog stand on a street? Can you connect with every other author who wrote on that topic? Can you see who else is reading that article? Can you… no you are reading, and maybe drinking coffee. And when you daughter or son or spouse or neighbor comes up to you, you put down the article, or you must give them the piece of paper you are holding if you want them to read it. The whole over-the-shoulder reader idea seems good, but then you want to turn the page and they just started. This is a metaphor for our situation in politics, religion, business, family, etc. It is the problem faced by different paced learners in school. It is a continuation of the problem of individual set against group.

    Instead of being set against each other and perceiving the ad revenue decrease as a threat to one way of life, it is an evolution as you say, but it can also be seen as a final move from left brain to right brain, then right brain to both in unison – because the right can do that, it can invoke the left, but the left being linear cannot invoke the right. The reason why this is seen as upheaval to experts is a) because expertise is central to the left frontal side of the brain and because b) security is located in the left prefrontal side of the brain and upheaval will be perceived there if you are there already, which you are if you are accustomed to a linear lifestyle.

    Problem is, the left brain has guns and the right side is interested in imagination and freedom, so that means they will not retaliate and will probably suffer tremendously before ultimately winning. But this is just a comment so I will cap off here and just say the right brain is waking up.

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