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September 3, 2008 / davebirss

So what’s all this Google Chrome stuff about?

I guess Google’s new browser will be all over the blogs today. I’ve had a bit of a peek and they seem to be doing some interesting stuff. From what I can see (as nothing more than an amateur geek) these seem to be their sales points:

  • It’s better designed for multimedia because it’s built with whizzy stuff in mind – rather than adding capabilities to an old browser.
  • Tabs are separate processes on your computer – so if one of them crashes it won’t take down your whole browser. And it won’t slow down your computer in the same way as other browsers can if they’ve been open for a while.
  • They use webkit because it’s lean and super-fast.
  • They’ve developed a new Java virtual machine that’s designed for the more intensive web 2.0 apps. It generates machine code that runs directly on your processor instead of having to be constantly interpreted. This new engine can also be used by your other browsers. Yay!
  • You now have a browser within a tab rather than tabs within a browser.
  • You use the ‘omnibox’ for both web addresses and for searching. It has that predictive thing that Firefox introduced in their latest browser too.
  • When you open a tab you get an intelligent page that shows thumbnails of your 9 most visited pages along with search boxes.
  • Incognito mode lets you surf for porn without it appearing in your history and stuff.
  • It’s more secure by limiting the access a page can have to data on your machine.
  • It’s all Google Geared up so it’s perfect for all that webapp goodness that’s coming our way.

That’s what I get out of it all anyway. If you want to see more, you can read Google’s comic book on it.

Or watch a quick interview on the BBC right here.

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