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August 15, 2008 / davebirss

Thank you 54

Last night we returned home in the early hours to find a small box-canvas stuck to the door of our flat. And a couple more on adjacent doors. Having washed down my dinner with an ample amount of liquid refreshment, I took them inside and forgot about them. Here they are:

Then today on the way back from a business meeting, we saw some girls running through the streets of Shoreditch with a whole stack of them. So I stopped them and asked if they knew anything more about the artist. And they directed me towards a website that’s printed on the back.

The artist is known as 54. And you can see their site at

To be brutally honest, the stuff isn’t really my bag. The artist uses a bunch of stock phrases which they write large in very graphic ways. I kinda like the style – but find the messages are a bit thin for me. So I’ve given them to my daughter.

Maybe they’ll be worth something in the future. Maybe not. But it was a lovely surprise to get one on my door anyway. And I’ll still snaffle any more I find in the street.

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