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July 18, 2008 / davebirss

Unexpected rockers

Doing a search for AC/DC stuff on YouTube, I came across a couple of amazing anomalies.

The first is Shania Twain singing ‘Shook Me All Night Long’. Now, I’ve got to admit that Shania Twain has always been an artist I’ve enjoyed with the sound down. But I thought I’d make an exception this time and have a listen. It is truly awful but worth a watch just for the bizarreness of it – and also the dobro player’s awesomeness. I also saw there was a Celine Dion version but just didn’t have the stomach to watch it.

And then on a similar theme. Here’s Shakira doing ‘Back in Black’. She does a pole dancing masterclass during the guitar solo. Nice.

Now I’m off to try and find an AC/DC version of ‘Man, I Feel Like a Woman’.

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  1. Stan Lee / Jul 20 2008 12:54 am

    Get yourself a copy of this, Dave:

    PS: One of the worst managers I ever had was cut a lot of slack in the office because she had a fling with Bon Scott when she was a convent school girl!

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