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July 5, 2008 / davebirss

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This week Lea and I spent a couple of days at the 2gether08 conference where lots of geeks and entrepreneurs were blathering about social media and social change. We were there to talk about Unchained – and as part of the event we teamed up with Qype to do an experiment. And it’s just been covered by The Guardian.

The idea was that we had two ice cream stalls – one was your familiar Walls stuff and the other was the most incredible gourmet ice cream from the master chocolatier, Paul A Young. To replicate the realities of the high street, we put our Walls stall in the most visible, high-traffic area of the event and we hid our independent artisan off the beaten track. On the first day, we just let things run their course and recorded the buying patterns. On the second day, we promoted Paul A Young’s stall in several ways and watched again. And here are the results:

Day 1 – no promotion

  • Walls – 64
  • Paul – 23

Day 2 – with promotion

  • Walls – 9
  • Paul – 104

The results were better than we expected. And I think we proved our point pretty well.

Read about it on The Guardian site here.

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