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July 4, 2008 / davebirss

Turning the tables on the dishonest cheats

Please don’t misunderstand me. Just because it looks like I hate Virgin Media doesn’t mean that I don’t. Following on from the post below about them accusing their customers of being dishonest ne’er-do-wells, I thought it was only fair to point out that the  Advertising Standards Authority are accusing them of being lying shysters themselves.

The ads which claimed they were faster and better than anyone else are proving to be not quite so accurate. As one of their customers I could probably have told you that, anyway.

Oh well. What goes around comes around, eh?

Read more about it here.


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  1. nathan / Jul 4 2008 1:16 pm

    While we’re on the subject of advrtising standards, dont you just fucking hate all the adverts for ‘UNLIMITED MOBILE BROADBAND’ that then in the small print say ‘oh but by unlimited we only actually mean 3gb a month and if you go over that we’ll charge you through the nose you soppy cunt’. bastards all of em.


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