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June 27, 2008 / davebirss

National Kissing Day! Where did that one come from?

I’ve just got this email through from Interflora telling me about the delights of National Kissing Day. WTF?! How have I managed to go through my entire life missing out on this wonderful opportunity to demonstrate my love?

I assume it dates back to some medieval Bavarian tradition of greeting your loved one with a kiss and a bag of walnuts every 6th July as the sun rises. Because surely no marketing department would be cynical enough to simply create a new occasion like this.

In the highly unlikely event of it being created by marketers, it seems that it’s been done by a collection of them. It’s also being talked about by Singles 365, getlippy, bookshaker and Easier Travel.

During my google search, I found this beautifully eloquent description:

On 6th July is the National Kiss Day is celebrated in U.K by lovers out there. Photographers like to stage and Italians love to eat it. Moreover in London people conducted conference about role of kiss in history as well as its importance in arts and culture from Graeco-Roman antiquity to Paris in the 1950s. The organizers described the kiss as a capacious carrier of much social, political and cultural freight.

So I’m convinced now. And I can’t wait until the 6th. Mwah!

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