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June 24, 2008 / davebirss

Anyone fancy a poop-sicle?

I’ve just seen this great video on Greg’s tumblr page. It’s for a new product called poop freeze which …ehm …freezes poop. You carry it with you when you’re walking your dog so that when nature calls, you can freeze the organic matter, making it easier to pick up and dispose of. Fantastic! The thing that disturbs me most about picking up a dogs mess is the fact that you can feel the heat through the plastic bag – so this solves another issue for me.

I’m also posting the film for another reason. Watch the end of the ad and see how they use the classic selling techniques I outlined in my ‘How to write persuasively‘ document. They use the ‘not only but also’ method twice and the ‘hurry this offer can’t last for ever’ thing. It’s tacky and tasteless but it’s there for a reason. They wouldn’t put this crap on TV unless it paid for itself and brought in a profit.


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  1. Graham Jenks / Jun 25 2008 1:18 pm

    The Poop Bag should have been named a Bum Bag.


  2. See, I’m happy this advert is so bad. I expect it. It’s a hilarious product with a ridiculous, overdone, ineffective marketing method. And maybe that’s just what makes it work.

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