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May 6, 2008 / davebirss

Turning something mundane into an experience

I spotted this at Paddington Basin last week. They’ve had to drain part of the canal for construction which is normally a pretty inconvenient and dull thing. But they’ve turned it into something that makes people smile by adding a giant plug and drain. I thought it was a lovely touch. It’s doing what a lot of online work should do:

  • It’s turning something dull into a more rewarding experience
  • It’s observational and witty
  • There’s no practical reason to go to this extra effort. And I’m sure the finance department of the construction company wouldn’t have wanted to pay for it (and probably didn’t)
  • It’s giving people conversation-fodder. I’ve shown this image to several people and now I’m blogging about it.
  • I may tell people about it but there’s very little chance of them actually visiting it

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