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April 11, 2008 / davebirss

Watching the bee-bee-sii

BBC iPlayerA couple of days ago the BBC announced that they had developed their iPlayer so that you could watch it on your Wii. Not bad after their iPod announcement last month. So, I tried it out a couple of nights ago.

As you’d expect, it works just like the website – except it’s on your TV and you control it with your Wiimote. It would probably have been a bit more impressive for me if I had a more impressive TV. As it is, my TV is only fractionally larger than my laptop screen. I’m just not a 100 inch plasma kind of guy. The one drawback was that full screen didn’t seem to be available. But this is probably an issue with the Wii browser itself. However, on their blog, the iPlayer dudes say that they have plans to build an actual Wii app which would obviously give you a much better Wii-like experience.

But for now, this will do nicely. I just love it that the BBC are trying so hard to deliver technical innovation. That’s something I’m happy to pay my license fee for.

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