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April 8, 2008 / davebirss

Lies, damned lies and Virgin Media

I wrote a ranty post a few weeks ago on why Virgin Media suck. They only had to fix my phone – but 6 weeks on they still haven’t managed to get anyone out to do it. I’ve been promised a call-back several times but no one ever has. This must be the worst customer experience I have ever had – and believe me, I’ve dealt with some stinkers.

I am normally a very tranquil individual but right now I am positively seething. Virgin Media are evil bastards. Do all of your friends a favour and tell them not to even entertain the thought of using Virgin Media. Because it’s not just the customer service that’s shit, Virgin Media’s broadband often doesn’t work, their on-demand TV service often doesn’t work and they’ll only leave you feeling frustrated and angry.


They have promised me another call back by 5pm this evening. I’ll post an update. Hopefully with good news.

Sorry. It’s one of those days. I’ll write something happy and positive soon. I promise!

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