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March 17, 2008 / davebirss

5 reasons why you should never use Virgin Media

\\\\\\\\ RANT ALERT! RANT ALERT! //////// 

Choose Sky

I use the internet. That’s my job. It’s important to me. I need it. So I chose Virgin to provide me with broadband, phone and TV. I regret that decision. And here’s why:

  1. Virgin ‘Broadband‘ sucks
    When you get broadband these days you kind of expect two things: speed and reliability. With Virgin you get neither. It usually feels like dial-up. And regularly falls over completely for long periods of time. I’m far from impressed. And seeing as my girlfriend works from home most of the time, it can be a real problem. If we’d wanted this experience we’d have stayed in 1998.
  2. Their ‘helpline‘ is a dreadful experience
    Amongst the issues I’ve had are being cut off, being put through to the wrong number which resulted in me being trapped in an automated phone system cul-de-sac, being put on hold for ridiculous lengths of time and talking to a foreigner that I couldn’t understand.
  3. They don’t fix problems
    There is an awful ‘a big boy did it and ran away’ attitude amongst their staff. I’ve constantly had people blaming other employees and departments for cock-ups. I don’t care who’s at fault on a personal level – it’s all Virgin’s fault to me and I expect them to work together to fix it. That’s what professionals would do. This is where people really experience a brand – and right now this is a brand I’d like to run over with Humvee.
  4. They don’t keep promises
    An engineer didn’t turn up when promised. When I phoned they told me the arrival window was wider than I’d originally been told and someone would be there by 1pm. They weren’t. They phoned just before 2pm to say they had arrived. I’d given up by then. When I complained, they promised me a superviser would phone me back within 4 hours to apologise and offer me compensation. They didn’t. I had to call 5 days later to sort it out myself.
  5. Because I say so
    Which is probably the most important reason.

I’m sorry for this rant. I just don’t want anyone to make the same mistake. Please – whatever you do – don’t choose Virgin Media. It’ll only end in tears, high blood pressure and hair loss. At least I can only suffer from two of those ailments.


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  1. Ben Oliver / Mar 17 2008 7:24 pm

    I agree with you, I’ve got a permanent migraine thanks to Virgin Media. We seem to go through a cycle where everything is ok for a month and then the broadband connection cuts out intermittently until it dies completely.

    The last guy they sent out was honest enough to point out that his predecessor had jerry rigged our connection so that we were sharing the same box as the next door neighbour, the kicker being their connection was placed above ours meaning we literally got second priority for speed and connectivity.

    Virgin TV is rubbish too. There’s nothing they provide that isn’t on a million free online TV/Film sites already.

    Luckily we don’t use Virgin phone or mobile services, narrowly avoiding the unholy trinity of consumer damnation.

  2. Rachel of RDDC / Mar 23 2008 1:04 am

    Yep understand completely, and actually its not just media that have a problem its virgin trains too, they have a nasty habit of cancelling tickets when you wanted to change the date…

  3. StealthModeLondon / Apr 1 2008 5:46 pm

    Virgin ADSL absolutely shocking service!

  4. Louis / May 19 2008 3:03 pm

    Their new CEO also thinks net neutrality is “bollocks” another very good reason to not use them.


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