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March 5, 2008 / davebirss

Now Then, as it ‘appens

Now Then

A new photo blogging site called NowThen launched in the UK yesterday. So I’m trying it out.

Its big selling point is something that I won’t be using – that you send it a photo and it automatically distributes it to a list of your friends’ phones. I think I’m too old (or realistic) to think any of my friends would give a damn about stuff I take pictures of. (If I’m wrong, please send my your phone number and prepare to be bombarded with pointless shots of London graffiti!)

NowThen’s design is pretty basic. It wouldn’t take much effort for someone to tinker with their CSS to make it a bit easier on the eye. And their Widgets are a bit cheap looking – but at least they’ve widgetised it from the start. Their functionality is pretty useful though – you can also email your images and export your RSS. For just now I’ve got my feed going to my Tumblr page (although they haven’t appeared at time of writing).

I’ll keep an eye on this one. But it may just fade out of my short attention span in the next few days when I spot the next shiny digital bauble.

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