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March 2, 2008 / davebirss

Nice product. Bad name.

jooce A new service has just been launched to give ‘cybernomads’ a virtual dektop that they can access from any computer with web access. It’s a lovely idea that’s been really well executed – but they’ve decided to call it Jooce. Isn’t that just a bit too close to a certain TV streaming application. Hmmmm.

I signed up to see what it was like and everything was smooth and easy to use right from the start. The virtual desktop is pretty good – you can see a bigger version of it by clicking the thumbnail above. It’s like a Fisher Price version of OSX with the dock at the bottom, windows with rounded corners and coloured lights to close and minimise windows. It all works exactly like a normal desktop with folders, files and windows. It’s also got built in instant messaging with drag-and-drop file attaching. And you can share part of your desktop with friends – all with a very OSX transition.

I’m really impressed with it – even although I can’t see myself having a use for it. But come on guys – Jooce? You can’t be serious!

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