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February 19, 2008 / davebirss

Error messages can say so much

I tried to access my bookmarks the other day – and instead of seeing a list of my favourite sites, I was hit with this: error

Hmmmm. Is all that crap really necessary? It starts off by making me feel as if I’ve done something wrong. I apparently tried to access the site ‘too rapidly’. WTF? How did I manage that? Did I hit the return key a bit too fast, or something? It then babbles some crap before suggesting that I try again later in a ‘gentler fashion’. The second paragraph is similarly disconcerting, telling me that if I want to respond to the problem I’ll be directed to an unsuitable form on another site. Huh?

I expected more from Don’t they realise that their error pages are an opportunity to engage with their visitors rather than alienate and unsettle them?

So, just to amuse myself, I did a bit of a search for interesting 404 pages – and this is what I found (some of them are from adult sites – be warned!):

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