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February 18, 2008 / davebirss

The British Government tell you how to use a mouse

How to use a mouse

My fellow Poker, Julie, showed me a fantastic guide from the Home Office that tells you how to use a mouse. The thing that confuses me is how you reached the page in the first place without that basic knowledge. It’s a very informative guide for the hard of thinking. If you’re concerned that you’re maybe not using your mouse properly, you can brush up on your technique right here.

[To continue to the next article, take hold of that plastic thingy with the wire, move it until the pointy wotsit on the screen is over the long rectangular doodah known as a ‘scroll bar’, depress your index finger (as in ‘push it down’ rather than tell it that your pinky is far more attractive) and drag it in a southerly direction. Please consult your doctor if you have difficulty with any of these movements.]

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