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January 31, 2008 / davebirss

Offending people since 1971


Oh dear. I’ve done it again. During my little Etch-A-Sketch post the other day, I pointed to a couple of Etch-A-Sketch ‘artists’. And I must admit that I didn’t speak about them too kindly. I maybe sort of insinuated that there is a slight chance that they could possibly be not fully functioning in the brain department. Or something. Anyway, one of these ‘artists’ found out and left  a comment in an attempt to return the insult in a very playground-like manner:

Quit with the “autistic” and “idiot savant” slurs. It’s not original and it’s not funny. You make art with fax machines. What’s your mental disability?

So there we have it. Ouch!

All that’s left to say is please help me with my mental disability by sending your scribbles, scratches and doodles by fax machine for my web 0.2 FAXR project. Sooooooo many of you have promised – but oh so few have actually delivered! Be creative on a piece of A4 and send it to one of these numbers:

IN THE UK:                    0871 714 5367

IN THE US:                    206-203-1116

INTERNATIONAL:    +1 206-203-1116


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  1. ETCHA / Jan 31 2008 3:48 pm

    Can I fax you some of my Etch A Sketch art? (See previous comment from original post for more on my thoughts)

  2. davebirss / Feb 1 2008 10:15 am

    Cheers Etcha,

    I’d love you to fax me some of your stuff.

    Looking forward to it!

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