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January 24, 2008 / davebirss

What the internet was invented for

Knicker Picker

I’m not talking about ladies in underwear trying things on at your every whim. Well, maybe I am just a bit. What I’m interested in are digital things that give an experience and bring products to life.

One of the big issues with online clothes shopping for me is not being able to try things on and see how they fit. I just don’t trust photographs. I’ve been at too many photoshoots where you pin things together at the back to make them look better. And, of course, the models are nuggets of aesthetic loveliness that don’t exactly represent the everyday person on the street. give you a video dressing room where you can dress models up in their products and move them around to see how they look. This kind of product experience at least takes you closer towards seeing how the threads would look on your own saggy torso. And therefore, closer to handing over your credit card details in exchange for some garments.

Plus, ladies in underwear, eh? You just can’t go wrong. Place yourself in the changing room of a lingerie shop at

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