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January 11, 2008 / davebirss

How not to do advertising

This ad has been pissing me off for some time now. I enjoy looking at the foxy girl – but the creative mechanism is soooooo bad it makes me mutter swear words under my breath every time I see it.

Virgin mobile crap ad

The problem is quite simple really. The actual message is hidden too far down the hierarchy of information and it’s strong enough to have done something good with: you get paid to use your mobile. That’s good, right? (Let’s assume the strategy is OK to begin with.)

But instead you’re first struck by the image of a glamorous minx and then a large headline that has nothing to do with the offer and only then – if you can be arsed reading on – is the bloody tenuous link to the product. And by tenuous, I mean you could put any product in there. It could be for marzipan, horse saddles or genital wart cream. The dreadful creative mechanism of ‘xxxxx but/therefore/and yyyyy’ is a lame and overused one. And I can’t think of a single time where it’s made me go “I wish I’d thought of that!”

Someone please give the creative team a slap around the legs and make them sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done. This is bad, bad, bad!

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