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January 4, 2008 / davebirss

Advertising loses its head

The Decapitator strikes again

There’s a new street artist known as The Decapitator doing some pretty grisly stuff around London. And it’s not just me who’s spotted his work (I can’t imagine a woman being this gorey – sorry for being sexist!). It’s also been picked up by Wired’s blog. Basically, he defaces advertising by removing heads and leaving a bloody stump in their place.

See what Wired have to say about him here.

See some of The Decapitator’s work here.

And look out for more of it when you’re around London. He just seems to be getting started!


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  1. BOB / Jan 4 2008 5:23 pm

    Awsome, Ad fundamentalism! JIH-AAAAD!!!

    Hey, you know, just before Christmas I walked up Borough Market, and saw a decapitated Father Christmas right in front of a Christmas tree stall!

    Very original I thought, what if kids see that? Hey, its still funny, but…
    was that the same person vending the trees?

    or maybe the vendor borrowed the idea, maybe it was the Tree vendor’s idea!?

    or maybe…

    Just maybe…

    I should just stop saying maybe?

    PS Happy New Year!


  1. Made in England by Gentlemen The Decapitator

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