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December 17, 2007 / davebirss

We didn’t come second. We’re the number one loser.

Campaign AnnualI know I’m a bit late here – the Campaign Annual 2007 came out last week. But better late than never. I’m delighted to announce that Poke came second in the Digital Agency of the Year award.

Having only been here for 2 weeks, I know that I haven’t had much bearing on the result. OK. None whatsoever. But I’m still chuffed to bits for everyone here at having done so well. And that wasn’t the only achievement:

– Orange ‘Spot the bull’ and Orange Unlimited both made the shortlist for the best digital ads

– Iain Tait was placed amongst the top digital talent.

– Iain’s Crackunit blog was also deservedly awarded

– Simon Waterfall was named as one of the top adland brands

However, more than a few people are surprised that we were missed off the ‘Best Agencies To Work For’ list.

So a big congratulations to all my talented colleagues. And congratulations to Dare who must be getting a bit blasé about scooping the prize now.

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