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December 7, 2007 / davebirss

Direct Mail versus Email. Now in handy table form!

Following on from my DM versus email rant yesterday, I’ve decided to do a quick a table to illustrate what each medium is good for. Please tell me if I’ve missed anything or if you disagree.

Email versus Direct Mail

The basic truth is that the creative execution has a huge bearing on the response rate of a piece. As does the product, the brand and the offer. But with only a handful of words in a subject line to work with, email just can’t compete when it comes to impact. And with spam being such an issue, you are immediately on the back foot even of you make it past the junk filter.

Saying that, I still believe in email. But only for warm contacts who have an existing relationship with your brand.

It just takes a bit of social sensitivity and common sense to understand which medium is appropriate and how you use it. It’s just a shame that common sense doesn’t seem to be quite as common as you’d imagine.

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